Thursday, 15 October 2015

Fabric Shopping Outside of Rome

Now, outside of Rome.  You can see the post on fabric stores I visited in Rome here.

The market in Mantova (Mantua) was my favourite fabric buying experience, and my favourite shopping experience in general.  The market takes over all of the streets in the older part of the city, where there are stalls selling everything from clothing, to kitchenware, to sandwiches.  There were two main fabric stalls with some beautiful fabric at low prices, and another couple of stalls selling ribbons and buttons and so forth.  Everyone knew the names of the owners at the first stall, and the poor woman in particular was being run ragged by everyone shouting for her.

In Florence I stumbled upon some of the most exotic fabric I had ever seen.  Let's take a closer look at the right hand most window.

You may look at the skirt on the right mannequin below and say to yourself, "Self, is that fabric made of what appears to be emu feathers?"  Yes, yes it was.

And how much might a meter of feather fabric set you back?  248 Euro.

Here is the last set of photos for you today.  This was a lovely little shop in Vicenza across from the Basilica Palladiana at Piazza dei Signori.  I believe they specialized in some of the most beautiful wool and silk fabrics I had ever seen.

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