Monday, 12 May 2014

Artist's Sketch Bag - Design and Plans

This, dear readers, is a 6 year old project which has gotten a lot of use.  It's a pieced sketching bag made specifically to fit a small sketchbook with pockets for different sized pens, pencils, markers and erasers.  I designed it specifically for an extended trip abroad and it has gotten plenty of use since then.  I'm surprised how long and how well it has survived given its extremely poor construction.  However, it recently started to get holes, and given that I'm going to be making another significant overseas trip in the fall, I decided to make an updated, more useful, more adult version.

I'm using bottom weight cotton in a dark grey for the body of the bag, lined with what looks like a linen/cotton/poly blend.  The front flap is a lipstick red faux leather which will also be lined.  The hardware is gold tone and all straps are red cotton webbing.  The 4" black elastic will be used to make drawing utensil pocket band.  The bag will be convertible between a purse/messenger bag and a backpack by using clip on straps.  I'm super excited to try using rivets in the project!  I think it will make a big difference in making the bag look professional and sharp.  That and you'll never have to convince me that a hammer and anvil are a good idea.  Smashing things is so much fun!  On the other hand, doing a good job on the top stitching will be important.  I only get once chance on the false leather... *gulp*...

This is sized specifically to be able to pass as a cleanly designed large purse, hence the convertible nature (I would make it pretty anyway!).  A lot of museums won't let you take backpacks into the galleries due to space/security considerations, though most will allow purses.  I also plan to include a passport, money and document pocket on the back where it will be very difficult to pickpocket

Enough talk- gotta get back to sewing.

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