Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The Adventures of Mr. Donut and Simplicity 8643

I introduce you to...... Mr. Donut!

A while ago, a friend of mine showed me a story by her 7 or 8 year old sister titled Mr. Donut.  You see, Mr. Donut is in a band (along with several other food related characters) and is kidnapped by Mr. Evil Cookie.  Key points of the story to the adult readers included phrases such as "It was time to take drastic measurements!" and written elevator muzak.  Earlier in February it was the little sister's birthday and after seeing another stuffed "animal" I had made (another long convoluted story which will become a post at a later date never fear) asked if we could team up to make Mr. Donut come to life.

I said yes of course.

So I started thinking... how to make a donut shape?  The first thought is to just make to rings and sew them together, but the more I thought about it the more I realized that it would just make a squishy flying saucer shape unless there were a whole bunch of darts somewhere.  And then I went to Value Village and guess what I found*...

Such a sexy pattern.  The Oreo actually is worth contemplating with accent blanket stitches in yarn for the pattern on the cookie bits.  And look!  There's even onions on the hamburger.

I present to you Simplicity 8643.  Yes.  Ridiculously large food shaped cushion patterns from the 70s.  WHY?  Why would a large, brand name company made a concerted effort to make sure that the average home sewer could create what every family needs including a hot dog bun large enough to smother the 5 year old and bury them wrapped up in it under the porch before the neighbours realized and then say that Jamie went of to boarding school.  *ahem*

Look Ma, I'm eating a donut on a donut!

In any case, it was the answer to my prayers.  Honestly, I didn't really need to buy it because just looking at the pattern layout told me the answer, but how could I resist?  I give you my oh, so elegant construction photo.  Because nothing says classy like an arm pastry tutu with a girdle.  Instead of darts, just add a tube to the inside to give it that depth you need!

"elegant construction photo" of top half

The "pastry" fabric was a stretch woven mystery fabric with a slightly brushed nubby feel (interfaced to stop it from stretching), the legs and hat are felt (the brim is interfaced) and the icing is a shiny something or other.  Sprinkles were hand sewn on as the very first step and are made out of 4 different colours of bugle seed beads.  We were thinking of putting some beans in the ends of the arms and legs but it never ended up happening.

Mr. D gets his hat sewn on by K (the friend)

So there you have it. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how to make your very own Mr. Donut!

(As a side note, while checking out, the chashier was telling me about how her home ec. class all made these sorts of things when given a pillow assignment and it must have only been in early 2000 because she wasn't that old.  Which is weird, but anyhow.)


  1. I love your stuffed donut! And I want those simplicity patterns, just cause they're so ridiculous and cool :)

    1. Thanks! That pattern is just bizarre... I'm happy I decided to get it in the end.

    2. Hi,
      i came across your blog by pure luck, I love your Mr. D that your created. My three year old grandson loves hot dogs and wants to be a hot dog for Halloween. He would flip if I made him a hot dog pillow. Can you give me an in site on how to make the pillow or perhaps be willing to sell/share the hot dog pattern? I'm also thinking of making him a Mr. Hot dog but not sure where to start. Thanks for sharing... I love your site

    3. Sorry for not getting back to you earlier Maria- I'm currently out of the country and have no access to any of my sewing stuff. I can get you some more info on the pattern later in December if you think he would still be interested for next year.

  2. I am also interested in insights you might have on how to construct the hot dog. This seems like an odd thing to say, but I actually have to make a giant hot dog. I was just going to wing it, but if you could give me some tips/basic dimensions/recommended fabrics it would really help me.

    1. I'm currently away from my patterns, but if there's no rush I can send you some info in August.

    2. I figured something out. I needed it for a project at school and school is out for the summer now! Thanks anyway!